Thai To Go – Thai food delivery in singapore

Was in the mood for thai food yesterday, but I wanted to catch my favorite drama serial so searched online to see if i could get thai food delivered, to my delight i found “thai to go” the web address is … i placed my order and was told that food would take about 60-90mins to arrive, the food came in about 50mins, food was still hot and care was taken to cling wrap the tom yum soup so that it didn’t spill. Tom yum tasted good and had enough oomph to satisfy my craving the chicken meat was tender as well i suppose they use the thigh meat. Phat thai was a tad too oily for me but still very tasty, the pineapple rice was fragrant with slight hint of sweetness and served with tender bits of chicken and chicken floss on top (the service is Halal hence no pork floss). I enjoyed the stuffed chicken wings as well, stuffed with minced chicken and other delicious morsels. We finished of the meal with mango sticky rice. Overall service was good and food was satisfying and prices were reasonable, will definitely order again soon.
I ordered tom yum chicken soup $4.95, Pineapple Rice $4.95, Phad thai seafood $5.95 Stuffed chicken wings $3.5, Mango Sticky Rice $3.5, Thai iced Tea $1.7

Al Qasar Lebanese restaurant

Al Qasar Lebanese restaurant, Lorong Mambong, Holland Village

Al Qasr, a Lebanese restaurant serving a mixture of Middle Eastern and North African food, is ideally tucked at one end of Holland Village, far enough from the bars to be able to hold a conversation, but not too far to lose the bustling atmosphere of this lively area. The restaurant itself is semi-enclosed, with cushioned seating areas at the back, and al fresco dining at the front for those who prefer the temperate climate of the Singapore evening, and sitting pavement-side affords opportunities for some serious people-watching. The waiters were friendly and attentive, but in a style that wasn’t over-bearing. They brought knowledge of the food guided us around the extensive Mezze menu, offering advice and helping us avoid the all-too easy trap of over-ordering. Kabis warmed-up the taste-buds in advance of our food. We then ordered warm pitas with Labneh, a cheese made from strained yoghurt, and hummus, both of which were rich and silky-smooth; the sizzling falafels were crunchy on the outside but soft in the middle. The vegetable moussaka was creamy, complimented by Persian Style lamb kebabs and fried chicken cubes marinated with garlic butter and a Veloute sauce. The Lebanese sweets were the highlight of the meal. The Umali resembled an Arabic bread and butter pudding, the bread replaced with puff pastry. This was submerged with nuts in a mixture of warm cream and milk. The Mohalabia, a chilled almond crème-caramel offered a refreshing contrast to the spices and textures of the mezze dishes.

Halal Catering Singapore

Was just thinking of dropping a note regarding a  catering company I recently discovered.

I’ve been travelling a lot between Melbourne and Singapore recently and my schedule has been really hectic.  Was talking to my wife about plans for Christmas and last year she hinted about wanting to have it in Singapore where her family and most of her relatives are.

She doesn’t need to tell me but I already knew she wanted to spend her Christmas and year end with her parents in Singapore.  Since it’s going to be our 10th Anniversary on Dec 26th, I decided to throw in a party at our local residence and invite everyone over.

Was just by luck when I was asking around and an old friend recommended me to a local halal caterer that he had used a few times.  He gave me a website Halal Catering Singapore and I did a bit of a check myself.  Website was simple and easy to navigate.  For a catering company, they have a good range of food you can pick and choose from.  And their certificates and awards– reassuring.

Process was simple:

1.  Fill up the online order form

2.  Submit, and

3.  Wait.

I’d waited for about 10 minutes before I got a call.  Not bad for service.

Well, to make things short, the day came and we had Christine’s relatives from all over Singapore at our place for dinner.  Was glad they really enjoyed the food.  And the in-laws were impressed by the quality.

One more successful event held..and by the end of the evening, one glowing Christine.

-Harry Reid

Ont Authentic Thai Cuisine

Having been a Thai Food Lover for a long time, decided to try this little restaurant in Ang Mo Kio, Ont. I was pleasantly surprised by the food, it was one of the best Thai meals I had in a long time, reminding me of some of the eateries I have tried in Bangkok and Phuket.

I had the tom yam soup, this was the milky one they also have the clear version (must try soon), which was excellent. I also ordered the pandan chicken and mango salad which were superb. I plan to try the green curry and claypot vermicilli on my next trip there. So far, the food has not disappointed and more importantly, the pricing was good, very affordable for the quality of food served. Display and presentation of food was also excellent and shop location is clean and comfortable with modern thai music. Overall – a great find and highly recommended. Located at 532 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-2495. Tel: 64571020.

Hua Ting Restaurant’s Extra-ordinary poor service – ordinary food

Having had excellent meals @ Hua Ting Restaurant over the years, we decided to hold a birthday celebration there early September and made reservation a week in advance requesting for a good table.  On arrival we were somewhat disappointed getting a small table in a poor location, in other parts of the restaurant 4 diners were sharing a same-sizied table in a much better location.  When ordering we asked whether the restaurant could make one of the set menus for 8 persons instead of for 10, and were told that this was not possible, but that the portions were not big, so the 10-person menu would be fine for 8 persons. Mistake No. 1.  We ordered tea and had brought our own red wine, and were told that the corkage was S$ 30++ which is high for a Chinese Restaurant, but no big problem.

When they started to serve the meal 15-20 minutes later, no tea or red wine had arrived, the wine and wine glasses only arrived after 1 reminder, but we had to remind the staff 3 times to get our tea, and each time a different staff asked us what type of tea we wanted.  The PRC staff did their best, but was obviously not well trained, and should never have been released to be a front line staff in a supposedly reputable restaurant.  They also managed twice to drop prawn shells on our guests.  The food was very standard, and apart from the steamed prawns and the roast duck, the other 8 dishes extraordinarily ordinary,  the same big tough mushrooms were to be found both in the soup and the following vegetable dish, the fresh fruit included damaged grapes and unripe papaya and melon.

I should be added that our tea was not replenished once during the whole meal, until it was brought to the attention of the staff.  Needless to say that the food for the 10 person menu was far to much for 8 persons, and we had to cancel/reduce 2-3 of the courses.   Having vented our frustrations for the 3rd time to one of the many supervisors, they gracefully waived the corkage charge, and we were left with a 8-person food bill of over S$ 900 and a very bad lingering taste.  We are thankful that there are such much choice of excellent food in Singapore that we do not have to go back.

Cherish The Tradition, Enjoy Tung Lok Mooncakes

TungLok Mooncakes are available at all TungLok restaurants
(except Garuda Padang Cuisine and Ruyi – Chinese Fast Food).

For corporate and bulk orders, please call 6337 2055 or email For general enquiries, please call the
TungLok Mooncakes Hotline at 9088 8008 or visit

Exclusively with UOB Cards
UOB TungLok Platinum Cardmembers: Additional 5% off for 21 boxes and above
30% DISCOUNT* (minimum 2 boxes)
At the following roadshow venues and dates!
• Tiong Bahru Plaza Atrium (10 Sep 2010, 2pm – 5pm)
• Orchard Central Atrium (11 Sep 2010, 2pm – 5pm)
• Central Mall Atrium, Clarke Quay (12 Sep 2010, 2pm – 5pm)
• Zhou’s Kitchen – Far East Square (17 Sep 2010, 12pm – 3pm)
• Lao Beijing – Velocity@Novena Square #02-11/12 (18 Sep 2010, 2pm – 5pm)
• West Mall Atrium (19 Sep 2010, 2pm – 5pm)

* Terms & conditions apply
(Offer at roadshows does not apply for UOB PRVI American Express Card)

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